HEC-1 Stormwater Software

Simple HEC-1 Stormwater Software


The easiest way to use the highly flexible HEC-1 Stormwater Program

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HEC-1 for Windows

Software Cost: $99.00
2021 version

This INCLUDES the 2010 version of HEC-1 revised for practical applications.

HEC-1R 2010 outputs additional data in two or more decimal format.

This new hydrology software is designed for Engineers, Environmental Professionals, Hydrologists, GIS Staff, Municipal Officials, Educators, Students and others who use HEC-1 for storm water, water resources, water quality and flood flow computations and who require a robust Windows-based environment.

The RGM HEC2000 professional hydrology software preserves the unrivaled functionality of HEC-1 and removes the difficulties of the early card-based origins.

Since HEC-1 is the pre-eminent hydrology software - this seamless interface will allow greatly simplified use of this time-tested standard -- also ideal for learning HEC-1 and practicing solutions.


Software runs on all versions of Windows including Windows 7 and 10

NEW! Rainfall Map

JUNE 2011 version available:

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