HEC-1 Stormwater Software

Screen Captures - A Sampling

The Main Input Screen
File Loading and Saving, Import Files, Convert from Free Format, Auditing and Editing the HEC-1 Model are features of the Input Screen 

menu Extensive Routines for Routings, Data Selection, Peak Flow Tables, Peak Flow Monitoring and Comparing Single and Multiple Design Points
The HEC-1 Output screen is  text based with the ability to shrink the output by removing excess lines; Save File, Navigation Features

A simple Line editor is available to add text; converts to column format on the line on Save
Quick graphical visualizations
Output of Runoff Volumes
RGM HEC2000 reports the input data for HEC-1 in clear language
rainfall  NEW! Rainfall Map provides clickable 1 through 100 year 24 hour storm data and Storm type (I, II, III) on County Map or other map background styles.

(East of Rockies only)

Free Online Version

There are many more screens to visualize data.