HEC-1 Stormwater Software


Example Input Data Files from the Army Corps of Engineers Manual - Click to Download

General Stream Network Model HEC101.zip
Kinematic Wave Watershed Model HEC102.zip
Snowmelt Runoff Simulation HEC103.zip
Unit Graph and Loss Rate Parameter Optimization HEC104.zip
Routing Parameter Optimization HEC105.zip
Precipitation Depth-Area Simulation for a Basin HEC106.zip
Dam Safety Analysis HEC107.zip
Dam Failure Analysis HEC108.zip
Multiflood Analysis HEC109.zip
Multiplan, Multiflood Analysis HEC110.zip
Flood Damage Analysis HEC111.zip
Flood Control System Optimization HEC112.zip
Using the HEC Data Storage System with HEC-1 HEC113.zip
Calculating Reservoir Storage and Elevation from Inflow and Outflow HEC114.zip
Muskingum-Cunge Channel Routing HEC115.zip

Note: These files would be used in conjunction with the HEC-1 Users Manual.