HEC-1 Stormwater Software

Software Information

  1. MS Windows based Interface that runs HEC-1 transparently; review and edit HEC-1 data
  2. Opens standard HEC-1 input data files without the need to translate
  3. Active Spreadsheet Style Data Entry with Data Entry Assistance - Copy / Paste input data to and from other Applications (e.g. MS Excel)
  4. Save / Load Data / Track Recent Files by Date and Time / Selectively Remove Recent Files from List
  5. Unlimited Undo / One Redo
  6. Plot Hydrographs on Screen in BMP Format for Copy / Paste to Other Applications
  7. Graph selected hydrographs for any Ratio / Plan / Simulation
  8. Access Text and Print Screens for HEC-1 Output / Adjust Left Margins
  9. Comparison of Hydrographs / Multiple Design Points / Multiple Storms
  10. Quick Entry Screens for Watershed and Detention Storage
  11. Import Data in Text format and HEC-1 format
  12. Debug Screens to View HEC-1's native DOS Output
  13. Status Bar Indicating Description of Data Fields and other Information
  14. Screen Tools to Highlight Station Grouping of Data and to Customize Viewing
  15. Plot Graphs / Use your local Graphic Editor (MSPaint) to personalize graphics
  16. Help using Official HEC-1 Manuals and accessible MSWORD version of the HEC-1 manual
  17. Operation Manual for RGM HEC2000
  18. Built-in web access to HEC-1.COM for updates and to contact support
  19. Iteration for Peak Flows compared to any selected HEC-1 Variable
  20. Alternate Quick Graphing and Viewing of hydrographs or partial hydrographs - copy chart image

How RGM HEC2000 works!

The RGM HEC2000 software is a Windows-based program that runs HEC-1 in the background and notifies the user of the status of successful (or unsuccessful) runs. It takes a fraction of a second to run most data files.  The HEC-1 output data is extracted from the Tape21 output file and placed in convenient data spreadsheets that may be accessed for Windows copy / paste / print / save operations.  The user has the option of viewing the DOS operations and results, as well.

The graphing program for hydrographs is designed to be flexible for all ranges of flows with ease of annotation to relieve the user of tedious labeling work.  The picture is exported as a BMP graphics file for use in other applications, or it may be printed.  The user may also edit the graph with a Windows graphical editor (MSPAINT), within RGM HEC2000, to label or annotate the graphs prior to export.

For Windows XP and Windows 2000, we use a version of HEC-1 that is compiled without the memory manager.  Windows 95, 98 and ME use the memory manager version of HEC-1, and this is also supplied.  The RGM HEC2000 software identifies the operating system and selects the proper version of HEC-1.

The program can work interactively by keeping various data windows open.  The active input spreadsheet is designed to assist the user by identifying HEC-1 variables and their meaning.  The user may control all aspects of the spreadsheet to ease the understanding of the card grouping, using colors, fonts, highlighting, etc.  An audit routine that alerts the user of simple errors such as blank lines, etc. is also provided.

An in-depth review of all the features is available by accessing the Operation Manual on-line.

Installation for CD

1. Insert the Application CD in the appropriate drive
2. Run the Setup.exe file on the CD (you can specify the drive and directory)
3. On completion of Setup run the RGMHEC2000 executable file ( RGMHEC2000R.EXE)
4. On first running the program will request your CD Key - this code is found on the back of the disk cover - enter the code
5. The program is now registered and fully operational

Copyright and Security

The program is protected by copyright laws and may not be copied.  Each CD is shipped with a hard-coded serial number and a corresponding CD Key code that is registered to the person that bought the program.  Updates are sent only to the registered user.  Consult www.hec-1.com for updates and notices regularly as the process of making this the best software for hydrology is our goal.