HEC-1 Stormwater Software


Version Number Comments Tested Operating Systems
Version 1 Initial Release 2001, 2002 Windows 95, 98, ME
Version 2 First Update 2003 Windows 95, 98, ME, XP
Version 3 Update on February 1, 2004 Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, 2000
Version 3.1 Update October 11, 2004 Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, 2000
Version 3.1a Update December 15, 2004 Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, 2000, NT
Version 3.1b Update January 12, 2005 Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, 2000, NT
Version 3.1 c, d Update January, 2007 Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, 2000, NT

Version 2 Enhancements:

  • Program terminates on user action more quickly if input data has not changed
  • Menu and user  improvements
  • Access HEC-1.COM web site from within RGM HEC2000 program
  • Update to work in Windows XP
  • Improved interplay between users graphic editor and RGM HEC2000
  • Added selective removal from the list of most recently used files
  • Added Iterater for fast evaluations of peak flow versus any HEC-1 variable

Version 3 Enhancements:

  • Simplified graphing and presentation for simultaneous use of multiple Ratios and multiple Plans and multiple Simulations
  • Miscellaneous improvements to spreadsheet navigation and presentation
  • Improvements in speed and responsiveness for all platforms
  • Auto check for FREE format input files
  • Access HEC-1 Manual in MS Word document format using Help area
  • Additional Quick Chart Graphing feature -  paste Chart to Excel
  • Modified to operate in Windows 2000 environment (V 3.1)

Version 3.1 Enhancements:

    ( Version-Date-Compilation number: 3-2004-244  as Version 3.1):

  • Add new left margin printing adjustments for input and output HEC-1 screens
  • Allow   *****   style comment fields within input file
  • Allow option of copying of table titles as well as data throughout

Version 3.1a Enhancements:

    ( Version-Date-Compilation number: 3-2004-324 as Version 3.1a):

  • Modified to operate in Windows NT

Version 3.1b Enhancements:

    (Version-Date-Compilation number: 3-2005-342 as Version 3.1b):

  • Added simpler Identify Card routine
  • fixed minor bug in JD simulation plotting
  • Standardized response to font changes
  • Added minor productivity features
  • Add Find / Replace feature
  • Improved responsiveness

Version 3.1c Enhancements:

    (Version-Date-Compilation number: 3-2005-359 as Version 3.1c):

  • Full Update includes all previous improvements plus new productivity upgrades

Version 3.1d Enhancements:

    (Current Version-Date-Compilation number: 1 - 2010 - 430 as of 04/13/2016 as Version 3.1d):

  • Full Update includes all previous improvements
  • Corrected Save routine where earlier version did not save past groups of blank lines
  • Modified to avoid saving trailing blank lines to reduce file size
  • Added routine to save Input file as a Free Format Text File (April 2006)
  • Added Peak Flow Monitor Output Spreadsheet
  • Large File Viewer to read the large HEC-1 outputs more quickly
  • Printing with improved margins control
  • New Button on Toolbar to Highlight KK Stations
  • Computation of Storage Volumes and Total Volumes in Separate Spreadsheet for SA SE sequences
  • Input Data Report - a narrative of the HEC-1 input file and various relevant data
  • Type Rainfall Data - Type I, IA, 2 and 3 Rainfall distributions encoded
  • Mouse wheel adaptations for Grid Screens
  • Improved data transfer capabilities as to Paste to MS Word or other Word Processors
  • Watershed Data report in Tabular form
  • Cleaned up very minor issues on main input screen
  • 2010 - We RECOMPILED HEC-1 so that it now outputs 2 or more decimal places for flows and more decimal places where appropriate for normal project sizes.  A version for large projects is available as well - with fewer decimal points showing.
  • Added F5 key at BA card for direct ACRES entry (converts to HEC-1 square miles)
  • Added Shrink Output to reduce unneeded lines in the standard HEC-1 Output
  • Added CTRL-F10 quick key to Hydrograph Center of Mass data spreadsheet
  • Fixed minor bug which alerts user to improper SL card data
  • Improved Color Change setting screen
  • Ended restriction on trailing spaces of opening file
  • Allow View HEC output form to remain open and not close when input data changes
  • Added Rainfall Data which provides users a clickable US map to obtain Rainfall from 1 year to 100 years storms as well as Storm Type (I, II, III)



Latest Releases

  • 1-2011-434